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The Thirteen Colonies
(Dates refer to the first permanent white settlements.)

If you know your ancestor's birth date you can sometimes use this information to help you decide where to start looking in various state records or the migration of the family or individuals.

Virginia (1607) - Established by the London Company

New Jersey (1618) - Originally settled by the Dutch, but seized by the English in 1664.

Massachusetts (1620) - Founded as two colonies: Plymouth Colony (1620), settled by the Pilgrims; and Massachusetts Bay Colony (1630), settled by the Puritans. They were united in 1691, and annexed Maine, which had been colonized by the New England Council in the 1620's.

New Hampshire (1622) - Originally part of Maine, then a colony from 1629 until annexed by Massachusetts, 1641-1643. Became a seperate colony again in 1679.

Pennsylvania (1623) - Originally settled by Dutch and Swedes. Came under English control in the 1664 and was granted to William Penn by Charles II in 1681.

New York (1624) - Founded as New Netherland by the Dutch West India Company. Seized by the English in 1664 and renamed.

Maryland (1634) - Granted to Lord Baltimore.

Connecticut (1635) - Founded by settlers from Massachusetts and other colonies. New Haven Colony, founded by settlers from Massachusetts in 1638, annexed to Connecticut in 1662, when the older colony was granted a royal charter.

Rhode Island (1636) - Settled by two groups from Massachusetts and united in 1644. Chartered by King Charles II in 1663.

Delaware (1638) - Settled by Swedes; seized by the Dutch in 1655 and by the English in 1664. Granted to William Penn in 1682.

North Carolina (1653) - Settled by pioneers from other colonies. Carolina was separated from Virginia and granted to a private company in 1663; divided into two colonies in 1711. Made a royal providence in 1729.

South Carolina (1670) - Originally part of Carolina Colony. Was separated from North Carolina in 1711, and became a royal providence in 1729.

Georgia (1733) - Granted to a private company by George II in 1732 and settled a year later in Savannah.

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United States of America
(Dates of Statehood - Chronological Order)

Delaware 1787
Pennsylvania 1787
New Jersey 1787
Georgia 1788
Connecticut 1788
Massachusetts 1788
Maryland 1788
South Carolina 1788
New Hampshire 1788
Virginia 1788
New York 1788
North Carolina 1789
Rhode Island 1790
Vermont 1791
Kentucky 1792
Tennessee 1796

Ohio 1803
Louisiana 1812
Indiana 1816
Mississippi 1817
Illinois 1818
Alabama 1819
Maine 1820
Missouri 1821
Arkansas 1836
Michigan 1837
Florida 1845
Texas 1845
Iowa 1846
Wisconsin 1848
California 1850
Minnesota 1858
Oregon 1859
Kansas 1861
West Virginia 1863
Nevada 1864
Nebraska 1867
Colorado 1876
Montana 1889
North Dakota 1889
South Dekota 1889
Washington 1889
Idaho 1890
Wyoming 1890
Utah 1896

Oklahoma 1907
Arizona 1912
New Mexico 1912
Alaska 1959
Hawaii 1959

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