Chronological Autobiography of
Alan Freeman
(some events, dates, names, and places have been intentionally skewed for identity security purposes).

Photo 1978

Important events in my life and events happening in the world.
May 1953 born I was born near midnight, but I hung on to the rip-cord, so I'm born the next day!
Dwight Eisenhower was president; elected in 1952; took office in January.
TV Guide issues its' first publication and Swanson sells its' first "TV Dinner".
Hillary and Norkay reach top of Mount Everest. I don't think they had a cigarette.
  1954 1 I crawled around, slept, and drank lots of milk. Wasn’t doing anything I remember in particular other than messing up a lot of diapers and wanting a lot of attention.
Segregation in public schools deemed illegal.
Nuclear powered submarine Nautilus commissioned and launched.
RCA manufactures the first COLOR TV! Nationwide test of the Salk anti-polio begins.
"The Tonight Show" premieres.
  1955 2 Mom and Dad divorce. I walked and climbed around some. My nose ran alot. And I got into a lot of things.
Vietnam War begins (officially).
Ray Kroc starts the McDonald's fast food restaurants in San Bernadino, California.
Disneyland in California opens it doors to the public.
"Gunsmoke" premieres on CBS television. Are you alright Matthew?
Captain Kangaroo premieres: Good Morning Captain!
  1956 3 I got in to trouble some, terrible three's, but I sure was cute, or so they say.
Pres. Dwight Eisenhower re-elected.
Nasser seizes Panama Canal. Japan admitted to United Nations.
International Atomic Energy Agency established.
"Goodnight David" "Goodnight Chet" heard on NBC for 1st time.
  1957 4 Great-Grandma Katherine Hall Freeman dies. I visit Texas by train, but don’t remember.
Israeli forces withdraw from Sinai Penninsula.
International Atomic Energy Agency established.
First earth satellites launched. U.S.S.R. launches Sputnik I and II.
First commercial flight between California and Antartica.
  1958 5 My sister Jennifer Elaine Freeman (Jennifer E. Williams) was born.
Great-Grandpa Oliver Washington Day dies.
We lived at 927 West Main Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
(The house no longer exists these days. A new house stands there now).
NASA established by U.S. 1st US satellite, Explorer 1 is launched.
European Common Market formed.
Prince Charles becomes Prince of Wales.
US postage raises to 4 cents.
  1959 6 1st grade at McFadden Elementary School. Mrs. Sally was my teacher. I was her pet.
We moved to North Church Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Alaska becomes the 49th state of the U.S. Hawaii becomes 50th state of the U.S.
First transcontinental jet flight from LA to NY $301!
Forrester receives a patent for computer core memory.
  1960 7 2nd grade at Crichlow Grammar School.
John F. Kennedy elected president. The Beatles appear first in the Cavern Club in Liverpool.
TIROS I launched. 1st Infrared TV Observation satellite to help predict weather.
San Francisco's White House department store is first to accept the BankAmericard in lieu of cash.
  1961 8 3rd grade. Ms. Johnson was my teacher. She taught me cursive writing!
Warsaw massacre. Troops fire at demonstrators against Russian rule.
‘Ham’ the chimp is the first animal sent to space by the USA.
Yuri A. Gagarin of Russia becomes 1st human to orbit Earth that we know of.
Bay of Pigs invasion called off at last minute many killed. Another Kennedy milestone in US History.
Alan Shepard becomes 1st American in space on board Freedom 7.
  1962 9 4th grade. Ms. Ison was my teacher. She taught me some piano, and Spanish.
Mother moves to Palo Alto California.
Cuban Missile Crisis.
John Glenn is the first US astronaut, and he orbits the Earth.
‘Telstar I’ becomes 1st geo-synchronous communications satellite launched.
1st Trans-Atlantic TV transmission via satellite Telstar I.
The "Tonight Show's" new host becomes funny man Johnny Carson.
  1963 10 5th grade. Mrs. Robinson was my teacher, God bless her! She came to my Mom's funeral in 1997. Thank you Mrs. Robinson for remembering her and me.
My sister Marilyn Ann Freeman (Donna Odette Fitch) was born. Named after Marilyn Monroe.
Pres. John F. Kennedy assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in November. Lyndon B. Johnson sworn in as president.
U.S. Postages raises from 4 to 5 cents. Nuclear Test Band Treat signed.
'Telstar 2' satellite launched to aid American communications.
Last of the Mercury flights the 'Faith 7' launched.
Russian Valentina Tereshkova becomes 1st woman in space; pilots Vostok 6.
  1964 11 6th grade at Crichlow. My teacher was Ms. Saunders.
Glenda moves to Florida to live with Dad and Susie.
Lyndon B. Johnson elected president.
Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on race, creed, color, and religion.
24th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the use of poll taxes in elections and primaries.
  1965 12 7th grade. My teacher was Mrs. Parsley.
I move to West Palm Beach, Florida, to live with Dad and Susie for a while.
My first crush, Brenda Kay Wallace, at Northshore Jr/Sr High School.
Gemini III is launched. First 2-man space flight.
First rendevous in space: Gemini 6 and Gemini 7 link up.
  1966 13 8th grade. I move back from Florida to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
I go back to Crichlow School again. Mr. Wright and Mr. Pate were my teachers. Got many a paddling for not doing my homework. Diane Williams is my first date; we go to the movies.
Star Trek appears on TV for the first time on NBC.
  1967 14 9th grade, Central High School. I take up the snare drum, typanni, and bells.
Mother moves back to Tennessee. We get apartment next door to Grandma and Grandpa on North Church Street, Murfreesboro, TN.
Iron Horse band formed, with Jon Nixon, Mark Cole, Danny Jackson, and Sean Stickney. I handled lights and sound. I started learning guitar too. Vernon Bogle tutors me in Math, English, and Guitar. He reminded me of Art Garfunkel!
I met my first high school sweetheart.
First human heart transplant performed in Capetown South Africa.
  1968 15 10th grade. I flunk Algebra. Ms. Overton says I've never be a computer programmer.
I learn to drive under the careful direction of my Grandpa Cole.
Richard Nixon elected president. Had paper route, and campaigned for Nixon.
Sen. Robert F. Kennedy assassinated.
Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated. Leader of non-violent equal rights movement.
US Postage raises from 5 to 6 cents.
Intel Corporation. is incorporated.
Soviet Union invades Czechoslovakia.
  1969 16 11th grade. I meet and date my 2nd high school sweetheart.
I go to work at Atkins TV Repair service after school.
My Uncle Will Sudberry dies after being hit by a car.
Spend summer at MTSU under Head Start program.
Woodstock festival begins in New York.
Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11, first man to walk on moon July 21 at 4:18pm EDT.
Mrs. Golda Meir becomes Israel's fourth Prime Minister.
  1970 17 12th grade.
Spend summer at MTSU under Head Start program again. I'm in Drama!
I build a clear see-through phone; probably first of it's kind.
I invent my own telephone answering machine from a 4-track tape machine.
Digital Equipment Corp introduces the PDP-11 micro-computer.
Chet Huntley retires from NBC ending 'Huntley-Brinkley Report'. ‘Goodnight David; Goodnight Chet’.
PBS, 1st national non-commercial network radio begins programming.
  1971 18 Being a few credits short of graduation; I take the GED test and get diploma anyway.
I joined the USAF. Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX. Then stationed at Belleville, Illinois for 6 months, then get accepted to cross-train at Shepard AFB.
I meet Homer Simpson in Springfield, Illinois. NOT! Just seeing if you're paying attention.
My first car, a Pontiac Bonneville, purchased by Mom for me. It ATE starters!
Apollo 14 rocket launched. Who said rockets can’t fly. Lands on moon in the highlands.
US Postage raises from 6 to 8 cents.
Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida opens.
Golden Gate Bridge lights out all night from great San Francisco power failure. (See 2001).
  1972 19 Cross-trained to Telephone Switching Equipment Repairman. Stationed at Shepard AFB, Texas for training. I buy a '66 Chevy Impala, metalic blue; 327 engine. Cool!
Visited Grandma Eva and Grandpa Oscar in Granbury, Hood County Texas.
Hollis, Mom, Judy, and Glenda drove down to see me at Shepard during electronic training.
After 9 months training at Shepard, I'm stationed at Panama City Beach, Florida.
My mother and Hollis Spence marry on Dec. 22 at Grandpa's and Grandma's house.
Richard Nixon re-elected president. Watergate Affair begins. Political espionage and cover-up tied to the Nixon presidency. The Watergate break-in!
Apollo 17 last of the Apollo moon series launched. Pioneer 10 launched.
  1973 20 After a short tour at Panama City Beach, FL, I get stationed at Clark AFB, in the Philippine Islands. Go to telephone school in Japan and Okinawa. I'm in the 1st Mobility Squadron.
First I live in the barracks, then in an off-base house. Meet friends Brian and Lyndi Schauerte.
My new car (a darn 73 Gremlin) comes three months after we shipped it. Thanks Uncle Sam. <grin>.
Vietnam War Ends. Civil War breaks out in Afghanistan.
United States launches space station "Skylab".
  1974 21 Go to Okinawa for training. Go to Yakota Japan for training. Meet my friend Louellen. September 9, 1974, Pres. Richard Nixon resigns. Gerald Ford becomes president.
US Postage raises from 8 to 10 cents.
Hammerin’ Hank Aaron hits 715th home run to beat Babe Ruth’s record.
  1975 22 Still Stationed in Philippine Islands. I get base housing.
First Class Mail now costs 13 cents (had been 10 cents).
  1976 23 Return to US, Norton AFB, San Bernadino, CA. I live there until my USAF discharge. Full Honorable Discharge.
I stay with Uncle Tommy Cole and Dennis in Beverly Hills for a while.
Later, get house on Random Drive, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
I start college at MTSU. I help Jim Gilmore wire WMOT-FM at MTSU.
Jimmy Carter is elected president. $2 bill introduced in American currency.
First pictures from Mars surface received courtesy of 'Viking 2'.
  1977 24 I work at WMTS-FM as a DJ (album rock station). Jim Gilmore is engineer.
I'm taking Mass Communications as a Major, English & Psychology as minors.
My sister Glenda has a son, Nathaniel Paul Freeman.
Apple Computer ships its first Apple II microcomputer.
Tandy releases the TRS-80 microcomputer with 4028 bytes of memory. WOW!
'Voyager II' launched to explore the planet of our Solar System.
  1978 25 I move to apartments across from Central High School.
I become part-time manager of apartments. Still work at WMTS.
Still going to MTSU. Write term paper on the future of cable TV.
Work at Gaby’s Disco part-time. Design my first CLUB lighting system.
I visit my friend Louellen, who moved to Mississippi after the Air Force.
I invent a "telephone hold" device for 'home phones.'
US postage raises from 13 to 15 cents.
Susan B. Anthony dollar 1st US coin to honor a woman issued.
  1979 26 Grandpa Robert Marvin Cole (Daddy Cole) dies of cancer while I visited Memphis.
Grandma Eva Estelle Day Warmuth dies. I visit Texas for the funeral.
Mark and I move to a duplex house in Mitchell Nelson area on Farrah Drive.
I buy a 1978 Trans Am. Sold it. Later I buy a 1979 Camaro.
Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel.
'Voyager I & II' fly past Jupiter.
First recorded occurrence of a comet hitting the Sun; the energy released was about equal to 1 million hydrogen bombs.
  1980 27 Grandpa Oscar Carl Warmuth dies in Granbury, Texas.
I move to Granbury, Texas; Oscar's lake house..
I go to work for Tandy Corporation, Tandy Software Assembly.
Ruth Templeton Cole marries Rev. Woodrow Medlock; the preacher who baptised me. John Lennon of The Beatles is murdered.
Actor Ronald Reagan is elected president.
Voyager I flies past Saturn.
  1981 28 I work at KPAR-AM radio as DJ and chief engineer.
Meet a friend Pam Day, later known as Pam Steele, a great metroplex Disc Jockey.
Meet Jim Hackley, a computer programmer at Texas Utilities. He later becomes a best friend and the childrens Godfather. Meet Steve Darity, best friend too.
Prince Charles marries Lady Diana, in Great Britain.
John Hinkley Jr. wounds President Regan.
US Postage raises from 15 to 18 cents.
1st launch of the space shuttle 'Columbia'.
Pete Rose tops Stan Musial's record of 3630 hits.
'Voyager II' flies past Saturn.
First time a spacecraft is launched twice - the Space Shuttle Columbia lifts off again
  1982 29 I leave Tandy Corp. for Texas Utilities Nuclear Plant in Glenrose, Texas.
I move to Fort Worth, Montgomery Avenue for a while.
First permanent artificial heart successfully implanted (not mine).
  1983 30 Move back to Granbury. Meet Steve Darity. DJ at a few local clubs and KPAR.
'Pioneer 10' is 1st man-made object to leave the Solar System that we know of.
Space Shuttle picks up a satellite. 1st time a satellite is retrieved from orbit.
  1984 31 I move back to Fort Worth. Jim and I get an apartment at Las Palmas on Lackland Rd.
I get a job at "Igotcha" night club DJ’ing. Get job at "South Fork" later in the year.
Jim Hackley and I share an apartment at Las Palmas, in Fort Worth.
President Ronald Reagan re-elected.
  1985 32 I move to my own apartment at Las Palmas and meet Joe "Papa Joe" L. Thornton.
I move to Copperfield Apartments on South Hulen St later in the year.
Joe and I drive to San Francisco down the coast to LA, then Phoenix, and back to TX
Ron Carter and I go to Murfreesboro on a visit.
I buy Ford ESS.
Joe moves to California.
I go to CES in Las Vegas, then to St. Croix Virgin Islands to design a video nightclub.
  1986 33 I visit Lovelady, Texas and see Halley’s Comet.
Joe and I go to San Francisco drive down to Carmel and the Carmel Mission.
I marry Frances Hyman
My son Brian Alan Freeman is born Nov 16th.
My step-father's father "Bud Spence" dies.
U.S. Space shuttle 'Challenger' explodes. 'Voyager II' flies past Uranus.
Tienamen Square demonstrations in China. Resulted in student killings.
  1987 34 My step-father Hollis Spence dies of cancer.
I design EFX night club to replace South Fork.
I go to, and design a night club in St Croix, Virgin Islands.
We move to Alta Mesa Boulevard in South Fort Worth.
Grandma Sarah Hyman moves in with us.
I design "Uptown" night club in North Dallas.
  1988 35 My daughter Hayley Elyse Freeman is born February 12th.
I get job at Allied Cash Register in Irving, Texas.
We move to Arlington Texas.
Visit Tennessee. Mark Cole marries Sandy.
I get food poisoning from KFC. Man, out of it for a whole week.
George Bush elected president.
Aunt Minnie Cole Sudberry (my Grandpa's sister) dies.
I get job at Tandy Computer Store on Altamere.
We buy a Crysler Labaron.
AT&T breaks up into 8 companies.
  1989 36 Grandma Mary Irene Hill Cole dies.
We move to College Avenue in Fort Worth.
I almost cut my finger off down in Granbury, Texas.
I get job at The Management, aka Electric Works Corp. writing broadcast software.
I form A+ Software Company to write educational software.
My youngest sister Donna Fitch marries Jack Banister.
I install first 'digital' radio station software in New Mexico; KAMQ-KCDY.
The second greatest earthquake hits San Francisco.
U.S. troops sent to Panama.
Berlin Wall taken down. East Germany opens its border to West Germany down.
Iron Curtain cracks. End of Cold War.
'Voyager II' flies past Neptune; still going.
  1990 37 My nephew Jack Banister born, son of my sister Donna.
I meet my friend Julian Jetzer; radio station owner in Wisconsin.
My good friend Joseph Livingston Thornton dies at age 73. We love you Papa Joe!
Nelson Mandela freed from prison.
Persian Gulf War between U.S. and Iraq.
  1991 38 I buy my 1991 Grand Am (Toreador Red. I name it Madison).
'CBS 48 Hours' features my digital radio station software, 'Digital DJ' in a feature called 'Radio Wars.'
Persian Gulf War ends.
  1992 39 My neice Erica Banister is born, daughter of my sister Donna.
My step-father Hollis Spence's mother dies.
My older sister Glenda marries Philip Vaccaro, a Canadian!
I get discouraged and go to work for Fort Worth Star Telegram (Capital Cities/ABC) and design an on-line browser for them; based on one that I had created and had been marketing myself. My position is Director of Technology.
President Bill Clinton elected.
Apartheid ended in S. Africa.
Leap Year.
  1993 40 Mom has a stroke. She later comes to live in Fort Worth, then moves to Florida near Glenda. I go back to work for Electric Works Corp.
Brian starts 1st grade at Saint Andrews Catholic School. Hayley starts Kindergarden there.
  1994 41 I buy our first house, a 4-bedroom, 2-bath, 2-car garage; 2000 sq. ft.
I get my Tech + Ham FCC license, KC5JGP.
North American Free Trade Agreement ratified.
  1995 42 I register my software 'Wintrax' and start designing the PSR CD controller.
Hughes Satellite Systems starts selling small satellite systems called DSS. I buy one for a small fortune ($599).
  1996 43 I leave EWC and go to work for Dave Scott at Scott Studios Corp.
We get our dog Benny, a cross between a dachshund and a beagle.
I author 'Voice Trax' for creating whole 4-hour radio shows in 10 minutes.
PSR-4/8 CD controller is completed. Wintek get’s on the Internet.
Clinton re-elected. I voted for Ross Perot. No, it wasn't a wasted vote.
Leap Year.
  1997 44 My mother Lee Spence dies on April 18th of congestive heart failure.
I go to Tennessee for the funeral. My old 3rd grade Sunday School teacher and my fifth grade elementary teacher, Mrs. Robinson are at the funeral. Thanks for remembering Mom and me!
Scott Studios buys E.lectric Works Corp. and all the source code I wrote for that company (Digital DJ!).
My friend Garry James marries.
Mother Teresa dies and Princess Diana of Wales is killed in car wreck (1961-1997)
  1998 45 I buy a new 98 Ford Explorer, Toreador Red. We name it Ruby.
Dad and Susie move to Okeechobee Florida.
I start working on our genealogy. I publish a 100 page genealogy book.
An elderly man man side swipes the Ford Explorer. No big damage. We get it fixed.
We visit Disney World in Orlando for summer vacation; meet up with Brian and Lexie Schaurte and Tim Milligan.
Brian takes up playing the drums. We buy Hayley a new flute; a Geimenhardt.
Total Solar Eclipse; last one of the 20th Century.
  1999 46 My Uncle Robert M. Cole Jr. dies. My Uncle J.H. Cole is hospitalized.
My younger sister Jennifer’s husband Brady Briggs dies.
Mark & Sandy come down for the annual river tubing trip.
I release my 2nd genealogy book in July. This one is 300-pages.
I meet Jesse Winchester face-to-face at Sons of Herman Hall in Dallas. He puts a 'thanks' to me in his album liner (for helping him design his web site).
I visit Murfreesboro TN, Mark and Sandy, and other Murfreesboro relatives in over the Memorial Day holidays. I buy a new 1998 Fender Stratocaster guitar and a Fender Priceton Chorus Amplifier. I go to CTI show in Las Vegas, to learn about Computer Telephone. I begin a new project for Scott Studios; a school-closing telephony application. I invest my inheritance in mutuals and some stocks.
Some think the new millenneum is midnight on December 31, 1999. Not me. I say next year! We didn't have a year "0"! Year 1 + 2000 = Year 2001. Simple math!
At any rate, the world did not end, as evidenced by the next entry.
  2000 47 The stock market give-uth and the stock market take-uth away. Big Tech stock crash on March 16th.
I leave Scott Studios Corp on May 5th; they dissolve their VB products.
I now will focus totally on my own company Wintek Software Company.
My sister Jennifer comes down to do the annual river tubing trip with us!
Cousin T-Bone (Mark) and Sandy make the trip too.
Dad and Susie move to Hutchinson Island in the Florida intercoastal waterways on the Atlantic Ocean coast.
They buy a large boat; the SueShe; he sell's his planes and house in Okeechobie.
We buy a new car to replace the Explorer (eh...Exploder); a 2001 Ford Taurus; toreador red. Ruby II.
This year we got several family and personal camping trips in.
Brian plays basketball for St. Andrews for the first time.
George W. Bush wins the electoral college after a few recounts in Florida.
Leap Year.

The new millenneum was not very festive. Big snow storm at Time Square in NY put a pretty good damper on things. The world did not end, again; evidence follows...
  2001 48 The millenneum comes on without a hitch. So much for the nay-sayers.
Brian, an eight grader now, takes his Nolan High School entry exams and is accepted.
I am now working as a Senior Programmer at TXU Electric & Gas Corp, downtown Fort Worth.
In the fall Brian began as a freshman at Nolan Catholic High School. Hayley is in the eight grade at St. Andrews Catholic School. She makes the honor roll several times.
Dad visits and we meet his sister Patricia for the first time and her daughter Sonya.
I buy Jim Hackley's 1997 Montero Sport SUV in September.
The world trade center towers are destroyed by terrorists on 9/11/2001. Jerks!
Dad starts his own website at
Republican George W. Bush (ex-TX-Gov) becomes the 43rd president and Dick Cheney is the VP.
U.S. Postage rises from 33 to 34 cents.
The Nasdaq stock market fails miserably.
Ex-President Clinton's wife Hillary becomes senator of New York.
California is having trouble keeping the lights on. Power failures from deregulation.
  2002 49 Brian has made honor roll several times this year. He's doing well in high school. He is learning to play the guitar now. Hayley is doing well too. She's quite a musician on the flute. Pres. Bush declared war on terrorism. So far we've not made a dent; really.
Knocks himself out with a pretzel! Bravo!
  2003 50 Brian and Hayley are enjoying Nolan. Brian is a junior, Hayley a Sophomore. Hayley is in the Viking Band (flute of course). Brian takes to Spanish like a sponge. He also is enjoying drama and has been in several plays. They both are doing well; still making the honor rolls. Brian got his drivers license and drives to school. He has a 1991 Red GrandAm. TXU stock prices plunge, and they several rounds of lay-offs.
Pres. Bush is pretty determined to declare war on Iraq again for UN weapon violations.
I was transferred to the Las Colinas TXU Utilites call and billing facility where I work with SQL, ORACLE, VB6, and Crystal Reports 9. Dad beats cancer of the tonsil. I visited him in Florida in September. Started working out for better health.
  2004 51 Hayley has her drivers license now. Brian is a great digital photographer. I have started learning to fly with the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. My Dad and I chat regularly on the Internet with a Telephony-Over-Internet application.

My father's house get damaged with Hurricane Charley and Ivan. I'm still meeting lots of new cousins on the Internet; enjoying my genealogy hobby. Still playing guitar as often as possible and enjoying my music collection.

I went back to work writing TV and Radio broadcasting software for Scott Studios Corp. in May. Brian is a Senior and Hayley is Junior. Both are still making the honor rolls and doing well in school. Brian got an Academic Acheivement award in computer programming. My cousin Steve Cole died in mid-May at only 48. May God's Love and Peace be with him.

Brian is a Senior now and wants to attend TCU. Hayley is a Junior. Both are still making the honor rolls and doing well in school.

I visited Murfreesboro, Tennessee in mid-September. Got to see my friend Jim Gilmore's recording studio in downtown Nashville.

George W. Bush is reelected!

  2005 52 Brian graduates Nolan Catholic H/S, magna cum laude with honors. I am very proud of him. He begins TCU in the fall (Texas Christian Univ). Hayley will be a senior this fall. She has learned to play the oboe too.

At work, I am writing video editing software for TV stations. My friend Tina quits TXU on Tax Day, one year to the day that I left!

In May, my three sisters (Glenda, Donna, and Jennifer) and I had our first ever family reunion in San Francisco and Yosemite! 41 years in the making!

My Uncle Jakie passed away in early June. He was a great man and very much loved.

Dad, me and a few other guys fly airplane missions regularly online. Our little virtual fighter squadron is growning. We have Sean, Bill, Herb, Ken, and Alan (me). We are the 62nd Pursuit Squadron ( We are ramping up the action and having fun. We also race Malibu formula 65 cars.

I bought me a DS-1 Boss Distortion Booster for my Fender Guitar and amp. Trying to learn some old Pink Floyd and other R&R classics that use distortion. It's FUN!

Dad sells his Punta Gorda FL home for a home in Saraland GA.

I go to Chaco Canyon New Mexico in late June with Kem, Jim, and Dean. We took lots of pictures ... see them on my main page!

I get laid-off from dMarc Broadcasting Inc at the end of June.

Where's HDTV? Is it here yet?

  2006 53 My daughter graduates from Nolan Catholic High School with a 3.0 average. My son finishes his freshman year at TCU (Texas Christian University). In May they are on "The Price Is Right" in Hollywood, as a graduation gift.

In the fall my daughter begins TCU with a journalism and english major. She plays flute in the TCU marching band. She gets to travel to all the college football games. My son is a computer science major and gets to go to computer programming competitions. I am very proud of them.

I move to Arlington Texas in Autumn.

I visit El Paso for the first time. Nice city!
I visit Mexico for the frist time. Nice country!

My uncle Thomas Ray Cole in Murfreesboro TN dies. Go visit for the funeral. Visit with my sister Jennifer and her hubby Cliff and daughter Tabatha.

My friend Tina and I visit my father in Saraland AL. We go to my aunt and uncle Mary and Charlie Brown's reception. We go to Ocean Springs and Biloxi Mississippi to see the Hurricane Katrina damage. We visit the Imperial Palace Casino and other interesting places.

My Aunt Lorene Wilson Cole dies.

  2007 54 Happy New Year 2007. On Valentine's Day my best friend Tina and I get married. My cousin Mark Cole, and my friends Geoff Dykes and Eric Vandervort all come over from Tennessee for the wedding. Tina and I go to Key West for our Honeymoon. We visit the Hard Rock Cafe, Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, The Key West Lighthouse, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, the Glass Bottom Boat to the coral reef, and skiing, banana boat riding, jet-skiing, kayaking, swimming, and sunset watching!
Watched LOST!
We saw Stevie Nicks in concert in June.
Did a lot of summer camping.
Went to a Texas Rangers game in July.
Saw 'Bricks in the Wall' perform at the Ridglea Theater Fort Worth.
Went to San Jose CA in August for family reunion.
Saw my sister Donna. Went to Muir Woods.
Saw 'The Promise' at Glenrose TX in Sept.
Tubed the Brazos River in Sept.
Saw Bob Larson in Dallas.
Saw Blue Man Group in October.
Saw Jesse Winchester @ the Cactus Cafe in San Antonio in Oct.
Went to Shout Fest; Christian Rock!
Saw Aussie Pink Floyd in Novemeber.
Saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra around Christmas-time.
Saw Incognito perform on New Years Eve.
  2008 55 Tina's father visited in Jan.
Celebrated 1st anniversary with Tina in Feb. We bought a Michael Goddard print.
Visited my father in Mobile, AL & toured USS Alabama & the submarine.
Visited my older sister & her hubby in Milton, FL.
XM/Sirius went live with my automated weather/airport system.
My friend Kim Utter passed away.
We went to Six Flags over Texas.
Met Jeff, Ignacio, Phil, & Myra, TRIGGER FISH, at the Arts Goggle in Fort Worth.
Went to Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie.
Our friend Jerry Carrick visited & he and Tina rebuilt our master bathroom.
Tina's father visited again for Tina's sister Kim's graduation.
We saw 'Bricks In The Wall' and 'Stomp'.
We did some summer camping.
My friends John, Cyndy, and John W. Newman Jr. were killed in a plane crash.
Saw Counting Crows and Maroon 5 in Sept.
Saw Aussie Pink Floyd in Nov.
Met Rey and his band Silver Rail.
Tina's mom & dad over for Thanksgiving.
Visited Wichita Falls (Sheppard AFB) for the first time in 30+ years in November.
My uncle John McFadin passed away in December.
  2009 56 Celebrated 2nd anniversary with Tina in Feb.
Visited Dad in Mobile AL in March.
Brian graduated from Texas Christian University in May.
Went to Rodney Howard-Brown Revival in Fort Worth TX.
Saw Bob Larson in Dallas TX.
Went to the FREEMAN reunion in July.
We did some summer camping.
We saw 'The Passion' in Glen Rose TX in Oct.
Went to see our friend Kelly graduate boot camp at Lackland AFB in San Antonio.
  2010 57 My uncle Aubrey Glenn Cole (84) passed away in Feb. in TN.
Celebrated 3rd anniversary with Tina in Feb.
We visited Mobile AL and Pensacola FL in April.
We saw Jesse Winchester at the Cactus Cafe in Austin TX in May.
We visited Murfreesboro TN in July for the Central High School 1967-72 reunion.
We did some summer camping.
In August we visitied San Jose CA for the Garlic Festival and to see relatives.
Saw my sister Donna.
We also went to Muir Woods.
I became an Ordained Minister Sept. 8th.
Tina got a bass guitar and is learning and jamming with us now (Oct.).
We saw Bob Larson in Dallas TX in October.
My cousin Lisa Gail Cole (52) passed away in November.
My Aunt Ruth Templeton Cole Medlock passed away in December.
  2011 58 My dad, Kenneth Allen Freeman dies Jan. 4th at age 79 in Mobile, AL.
Dad's ashes are interred at DFW National Cemetery
Celebrated 4rd anniversary with Tina in Feb.
Tina and I go to Pensacola FL to see a friend get married. Tina and I go to my 40th Central High School reunion in Murfreesboro TN
Tina and I buy a camper and camp a few times in the summer. My son, Isaiah Ken Freeman is born in September.
  2012 59 Celebrated 5th anniversary with Tina in Feb.
Get contract with SCA Promotions, Inc. in Dallas designing video games for casinos.
Tina, Isaiah and I go to San Jose, CA to see her relatives and my sister Donna's family.
My cousin John Anthony Cole dies in December.
  2013 60 Celebrated 6th anniversary with Tina in Feb.
Tina, Isaiah, and I live on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, for a month.
Get contract at GameStop Inc. Headquarters.
  2014 61 Celebrated 7th anniversary with Tina in Feb.
Brianna Raquel Freeman born in March.
Get contract with Scott Traffic LLC.
Tina, Isaiah, Brianna and I go to San Jose, CA to see her relatives and my sister Donna's family.
My Aunt Peggy Cole dies. She was the last of my 1st aunts.
All my 1st uncles are gone now too.
  2015 62 Celebrated 8th anniversary with Tina in Feb.
Isaiah can read and write. He starts pre-school.
Get 6 month contract with SCA Promotions, Inc. in Dallas designing video games for casinos again.
Get contract with Scott Traffic LLC doing broadcast automation.
      ...more to come...

(some events, dates, names, & places have been intentionally skewed, inserted, or omitted for security purposes).

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