Francis Stanfield
by Ken Freeman

Francis Stanfield was born in Garton, Cheshire, England. His parent's names and his birth date are unknown at this time.

He was a farmer by trade and a Quaker by religion.

He married Grace __________probably around 1668.

Francis and Grace's first child was James. He married Mary Hutchinson in 1689. He died in 1699.

Their second child was Mary. She married first: William Huntley, and second: Richard Fletcher.

Their third child was Sarah. She married first: William Clows, and second: Edward Bennett

Their fourth child was Elizabeth. She married first: Thomas Hoopes, and second: William Horn.

Their fifth child was Grace. She married first: Frances Chadsey, and second: Gyon Stephenson. She died in 1728.

Their sixth child was Hannah, born in 1683. She married Isaac Few on the 12th of January 1699. She was a first generation American.

Francis and Grace immigrated to American in 1683. They arrived in Pennsylvania aboard the ship "Endeavour", George Thorpe, Master, on the 29th of July 1683. They brought all six of their children and nine servants. Five of the servant's names are known: Dan Brown, John Smith, Robert Ryan, William Rudway and Thomas Sidbotham.

The Stanfields settled in Marple Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

William Penn organized the "Provincial Assembly" on the 11th of May 1685. The Assembly was the local governing authority and met in Philadelphia on the 10th of each month. Francis was one of the six representatives from Chester County.

Francis and Grace's seventh child was Deborah. She married Richard Woodward.

Marple Township Quaker meetings were held in the Stanfield home from 1686 until a meeting house was built in 1688.

Grace ___________Stanfield died in Delaware County, Pennsylvania in 1691. Francis died in 1692.

Francis and Grace _______Stanfield were my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents.

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