Chronological Autobiography of
Kenneth Allen Freeman
(some events, dates, names, and places have been intentionally skewed for identity security purposes).
(Wallace Hall1, Olin Knight2, Wesley Newell3, Beverly Allen4, Gabriel5 Freeman)
Ken Freeman - May 2000
Kenneth A. Freeman -
May 2000 Everglade City Rod & Gun Club
His & wife Susie's boat, the "Sue Sea" in the background.

Ken and Susie Freeman
Photo taken at the Air Force 53rd Anniversary Ball
in Miami FL, September 9, 2000.

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1931 born Born Saturday 26 December 1931, 2:30 am 1630 Worth Street, Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Allen A. Lang. Wallace was 24 and Mom 22. Herbert Hoover was president and we were two years into the "Great Depression". Wallace was a steel worker courtesy of Uncle Cortez Day.
1932 1 Roosevelt elected president.
1936 5 Wallace built small frame home on an acre of Grandad’s (Olin Knight Freeman) farm. Telephone service comes and hand crank phone installed in the big house.
1937 6 Started school, Smithfield Elementary. Electricity comes to the farm but no plumbing yet.
1938 7 Danny Jack Freeman born. Mom had bad time and had to have hysterectomy. Wallace and Mom separated. Living with "Granny" Kathryn Hall Freeman on the farm.
1939 8 First and only bicycle and first gun. Working after school on farm. Wallace and Mom divorce. Our little home burns.
1940 9 Grandad Olin K. (OK) Freeman died 2 September 1940, Labor Day, during lunch at Triangle Inn, Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas.
1941 10 Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on Sunday 7 December and country is at war.
1943 12 Wallace enlist in Navy. Mother marries Oscar Warmuth 9 October. Zuma Drucilla Smith Day, "Momma Day", dies 28 November.
1944 13 Oscar enlists in Army. Living with Mom and attending school at W.C. Striplin Jr. High and in Junior ROTC. Newspaper route. Wallace wounded Iwo Jima.
1945 14 Oscar wounded Austria. Buy my first car 1929 Dodge Sedan. FDR dies and Harry S. Truman president.
1946 15 Atomic Bombs, Hiroshima on August 6 and Nagasaki August 9. Wallace comes home. Oscar comes home. I join Civil Air Patrol as a cadet Living on farm. Learn about shortwave radio and start life long hobby.
1947 16 First motorcycle. First date in Wallace’s old Model A Ford. Begin rebuilding the farm, new two story house.
1948 17 Truman elected president. I go to Kansas to work on flood relief.
1949 18 Join USAF 3 February. Basic training Sheppard Field. Technical training at Chanute Field: Aircraft Mechanic September and Engine Mechanic in November. Go to home base Stuart AFB, Smyrna, Tennessee. Military is desegregated. No problem.
1950 19 North Korea invades South Korea and we are at war again. Marry Dora Leopal Cole. Fly to Japan to enter war. Winter in Korea at Kimpo Air Field south of Seoul. Home base is Ashiya, Japan.
1951 20 Daughter Glenda Lee born 26 March. Truman fires McAurthur. Cease fire in July. Korean authorities take Rhee Chee Yung, our little Korean orphan boy away and we get into a bit of trouble for keeping him. We had saved the kid’s life. Reenlist USAF.
1952 21 More Korea. Eisenhower elected president. Return USA. Sent to Sperry Analyzer school in December and then C-124 training. Stationed at Palm Beach International Airport.
1953 22 Son Alan Cole born 23 May. Korean Armistice July.
1953 22 Discharged USAF as SSgt. ROK Unit Citation, Presidential Unit Citation, UN Service, Korean Service with 5 Battle Stars. Enlist USAFR. Chance Vought Aircraft as aircraft mechanic.
1954 23 Palm Beach Jr. College and working various jobs.
1955 24 Divorce Dora Leopal Cole. Lockheed Aircraft as aircraft mechanic.
1956 25 Back in regular USAF. Eisenhower re-elected.
1957 26 "Granny" (Katherine) Freeman dies 20 December. Marry Carolyn Elizabeth Collins. Discharge USAF. Re-join Civil Air Patrol. Sports car racing.
1958 27 Divorce Carolyn Collins. Marry Barbara Bliss. Work Salon of Music as electronics tech. Amateur Radio license: WN4AMW as novice and WA4AMW as tech. Oliver Washington "Poppa" Day dies 28 May.
1959 28 Work Southern Radio Service. Sail on Susan of Providence for three months in Carribean.
1959 28 Dean Crandall Bliss Freeman born in December.
1960 29 Working Biscayne Radio Service. Working on Kennedy election. John F. Kennedy elected president.
1961 30 Working East Coast Electronics. Presented JFK portrait. Divorce Barbara Bliss.
1962 31 Working RCA computer division in Quality Control. Sailing and power boat racing.
1963 32 RCA. JFK killed 22 November.
1964 33 Marry Carolyn Sue Bilbrey 17 April. Buy new home in Gramercy Park in West Palm Beach. Glenda comes to live with us. Build new racing boat.
1965 34 Alan comes to stay for one year. Promoted to QC supervisor RCA.
1966 35 Build Pietenpol Aircamper airplane and trade it for motorcycle.
1967 36 AMA QC Managers School. Pilots License 1843548. Aeronca Chief N21319. Broke both feet in paragliding accident.
1968 37 EAA convention in Rockford, Ill. Culver Cadet N34785. Aeronca Chief N86380. Build my own design experimental plane which I still have. Richard Nixon elected.
1969 38 EAA convention in Rockford. Summer Travis AFB. To captain CAP. QC instructor RCA. Teaching Certificate State of Florida. To Engineer at RCA. Save Nellie Keho in search mission
1970 39 Instructor North Technical Education Center. Cessna 140 N21619. CAP Officers School.
1971 40 Buy home in Loxahatchee, Fl. RCA closes and I go to B&A Mfg. As Mfg. Engineer. Squadron Officers School. Deputy Chief of Staff, Florida Wing CAP. Promoted to Major. Saved Sean Lumert from drowning. Rebuilding house and barn.
1972 41 Meritorious Service Award CAP. Joint Emergency Services Opns. in Georgia with CD. National Staff College. Red Cross Instructor. Gill Robb Wilson Award CAP. Nixon re-elected.
1973 42 Leave B&A Mfg. and form P&K Assoc. electronics service company. Sub-contract to Perry Oceanagraphics designing submarine controls. Exceptional Service Award CAP. Promoted to Lt. Colonel. South East Region CAP as senior Training Officer.
1974 43 Susie has airplane accident. Move to Texas and build new home in Granbury. Begin genealogy. New call sign WB5NYL. Nixon Resigns and Gerald Ford president.
1975 44 Reserve officers certification Tarlton State University. Work as Deputy Sherriff in Hood County. Sector A commander Texas Wing CAP. Buy 2nd home in Ft. Worth to restore. Work for Tandy Corp. Superintendent of production Communication Antennas.
1976 45 New home in Richland Hills. To Hallicrafter Radio as Director of Operations. Bought my first Porsche.
1977 46 Buy ranch in New Mexico on speculation. Sell other properties.
1978 47 Buy new home in Keller. Hallicrafter goes bankrupt. To Tandy as Engineering Manager and then promoted to General Manager. To Consumer Products Safety Commission ad-hoc committee.
1979 48 Build lake house in Weatherford. Buy land in Van Horne, Tx. To General manager of Tandy Apparatus Division. To Israel in April. Mother died in December.
1980 49 To Israel with Susie in April. Oscar died in April . Built Alfa Romeo kit car. Ronald Reagan elected.
1981 50 To Israel with Susie in April. Sports car racing Formula 440. Buy my first Corvett and first Ferrari. Formal bar Mitzfa at Temple Beth El in Ft. Worth.
1982 51 Gerar Expedition with Ben Gurion University. From Tandy Apparatus to Antennas. Racing.
1983 52 New home in Florida Gardens. To Israel in April with Susie. Form Kafco Racing Inc. building race cars.
1984 53 Racing. To Road Atlanta. Reagan re-elected.
1985 54 Racing and Kafco. Contract work B&A Mfg. To Road Atlanta.
1986 55 New home in Berkely Lake, Georgia. To Road Atlanta.
1987 56 Home remodeling business in Berkely Lake. Co-authored history book with Alice McCabe. Finally found Thomas Gordon’s grave. New call N4RHW.
1988 57 Finally graduate from college: BSBA St. John’s University, Springfield, Louisiana, just north of Lake Ponchatrain, with Honors. Buy new home in Keller, Texas.
New Ham call becomes N5NVY.
1989 58 Go to work Tandy Cabinets Engineering Manager. Volunteer as instructor and mentor for St. John’s Univ.
1990 59 Check out in ultra-light airplane. EAA convention Oshkosh, Wisc.
1991 60 Buy Tierra ultralight. EAA convention Lakeland, Florida.
1992 61 Airport lot and build hangar, Rhome, Texas. EAA convention in Lakeland, Fl. Clinton elected President.
1993 62 Expand hangar and build apartment inside. Retire. First published technical article for LWCA on receiving converter design. EAA convention Lakeland, Fl.
1994 63 Build new home at airport, Rhome, Tx. EAA convention in Fl.
1995 64 Ercoupe N94306. Extend hangar even more. Begin restoration of 1940 Culver Cadet N29270. EAA convention Florida.
1996 65 Faculty of the year award from St. John’s University. Build two hangar apartments for friends.
1997 66 EAA convention in Florida. Playing with airplanes. FAA A&P license . EAA convention in Florida. Playing with airplanes. FAA A&P license .
1998 67 Susie retires from AT&T. Buy airport home in Okeechobee, Florida. Buy 24 ft. Skimmer pontoon boat. Join Coast Guard Aux. as communication officer. EAA convention Fla..
1999 68 Build new offices in our home. Buy lot across the street on the Kissimmee River. Bayliner Ciera 2550 cabin cruiser. EAA in Fla.
2000 69 CGAux SO-CS computer guru. CGAux Air Observer. Build dock on river lot for boats.
Move to Hutchinson Island in the Intercoastal Waterway late in the year. Selling Okeechobee home and airplanes.

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(some events, dates, names, and places have been intentionally skewed for identity security purposes).
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