Our Military Past
(This page is a work in progress, as I don't have all the info I need readily available YET).

Our family has a long list of men who served for our countries' freedom.
May God bless them all and keep this under his watchful eye.

One of our great-grandfathers was a Confederate Commander during the Civil War, namely, Captain WESLEY NEWELL FREEMAN, 25th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Company C, CSA. Through him a male descendant is eligible to become a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, while a female descendant is eligible to become a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Wesley married MARY LUCINDA WELCH, grand-daughter of Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT LOVE, a Revolutionary War soldier serving in Virginia, who married MARY ANN DILLARD; through him a male descendant is eligible to become a member of the General Society, Sons of the American Revolution, while a female descendant is eligible to become a member of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. Through these two ancestors, regardless whether you are a male or female descendant, you are eligible to become a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Listed in chronological order by birthyear:

Michael T. Hyman, Jr. (1968-living) - US Marines - No combat

Alan Cole Freeman (1953-living) - USAF - Sgt - 1st Mobility Squadron, 3 years in the Philippines 1973-to-1976 - 5 years total service - No combat.

William Andrew Hyman (1948-living) US Marine Aircorp - Vietnam 2 year

Thomas Ray Cole (1941-living) - USAF

Danny Jack Freeman (1938-1961) - USAF - Japan, Intelligence Service, Russian Interpeter

J.H. Cole (1935-living) - USAF

Kenneth Allen Freeman (1931-living) - USAF - SSgt, Korea, (5) Battle Stars (USAF 1949-1957), CAP (USAFAux) LCol., Pilot, Observer (1946-1949/1957-pres.), CGAux., SO-CS, FSO-CM, Air Observer (1989-pres.)

Stanley Eugene Freeman (1929-1989?) - US Army, Korea: 187th RCT, (3) Battle Stars

John William Hyman (1928-1986) US Marines - WWII, Pacific Arena

Robert Marvin Cole, Jr. (1927-1999) - USAF - Chief Master Sergeant, WW2, USN, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, France, Denmark, Italy, and Africa.

Oscar Carl Warmuth (1916 Germany-1980) - US Army, Sgt., WW2, ETO, (1) Battle Star, (Austria), WIA, Purple Heart

Wallace H. Freeman (1907-1973) - USN-CB, PO-1, WW2, Pacific Arena, (1) Battle Star (Iwo Jima) - Purple Heart, WIA

Olin Knight Freeman (1885-1940) - WWI - Info unknown

David Bailey Freeman ( 1851-1922) Marker and Private - Capt. Ralston's Co. D, Smith's Legion Partisian Rangers (minute-man) and Sixth Georgia Calvary CSA. Co-authored book "General Nathan Bedford Forest - The Wizard of the Saddle."

Henry Taylor Hall (1846-1935) - 1st Texas Cav.,CSA

Enos Day (1840-1915) - Union Army - Civil War

Madison Montgomery Freeman (1840-1869) - 2nd Lieutenant 11th Georgia, CSA

Jasper Henry Freeman (1838-1862) - Sgt - First Georgia Regulars - Civil War - Killed at 2nd Manassas.

Newton Gabriel Freeman (1836-1915) - Missiouri Command

Wesley Newell Freeman (1832-1891) - Commander & Captain, 25th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Company C, CSA. Became commander after Capt. Bryson became ill. Marshal of Americus Georgia from 1870-to-1872. Founding father and first postmaster of Bluff Dale, TX.

Beverly Allen Freeman (1806-1855) - Private - Georgia Militia during the Creek Indian War of 1836 under Capt. Gilbert D. Greer and Julius C. Alford.

William Gordon (1787-1852) - Creek Indian War

James Peden (1734-?) - Creek Indian War

Robert Love (1760-1845) - Sergeant and Lieutenant, Virginia troops, Revolutionary War. Founder of Waynesville, North Carolina.

Thomas Gordon (1758-1826) - Private - South Carolina Troops - Brandon's Regiment - Revolutionary War.

Joseph Buffington (1737-1798) - served as private under Captains Draige and Underwood, Col. John Hannum's regiment, Chester County, Pennsylvania Militia. Served as a private in Colonel Roebuck's regiment and furnished supplies to Colonel Wofford's Fort in 1776, Rev. War.

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