Queeny Fredrika Reed
My 2nd Great-Grandmother

Queeny Fredrika Reed

Queeny Fredrika Reed was born in October of 1852 and shed died in May of 1929. She was the daughter of John Allen Reed and Nancy McKee.

She had four sisters and two brothers. She married (1)Barton Smotherman on June 16, 1870. Their children were: John Allen, Fern (Aunt Fruzie), Eudora (Dora, grandma's mother, who married John Henry Hill), and Cora. Queeny married (2)Allison Spence in about 1875. They had one son, Allison.

Queeny was Bartons' second wife, about the same age of his oldest son. Leoma Smotherman, the Smotherman family historian, who died in August of 1977, is credited with saying Queeny once said, "I'd rather be an old man's darling, than a young man's slave."

Queeny's second husband's son, Thomas B. Spence married Elizabeth Stem. One of their sons was Asie Burton (Bud) Spence who married Edna Beatrice Hansberry. They had Helen Beatrice, Virginia "Faye", Dorothy Irene, and my step-father, Hollis Lester Spence (1936-1987) who married on December 22, 1972, my mother Lee Opal Freeman (1931-1997) .

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