The Annual Thanksgiving Photos

The 2004 Photo

Front: John, Tom, Gavin, Dee Ann, Michael, Felicia, Michelle, Betty, Alan
2nd Row: Brian, Hayley & Frances, Dana & Allen, Sarah, Julia, Mary, Justin, Kevin
Back Left Standing: Chris and Kem

The 2003 Photos

Front: Max, Lulu, Sarah, Paulette, Caleb, Brian
Kneeling: Michael, Justin, Chris, Lewis, Michelle, Erika
Standing Forward: Dee Ann, Felicia, Betty, Jessica, Ken, Angela, Hayley
Back Row: Trey, Mary, Lewis, Kem (behind Lewis), Frances, Alan

The 2002 Photos

Front: Lulu, Kem, Jessica, Sarah, Hayley
Kneeling: Felicia, Brian, Michelle, Frances
Standing: Justin, Paulette, Max, ?, Chris, Angela, Ken, Mary, Alan

The 2001 Photos

At Door: Benny. Stool: Mary. Couch: Sarah, Frances, Hayley
Standing: Bill, Alan, Chris, Justin, Felicia, Michelle, Brian

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