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The Hyman Story

[ Click for Larger Photo - Taken Nov. 7, 2004 ]
Back: Christine, Mary, Frances
Front: Paulette, Sarah, Felicia

Welcome to the Hyman family web site. This site is the informational home for the Hyman family. It contains information about ancestors, descendants, and relatives of our immigrant forefather Martinus Hajman AKA. Martin Hyman.

Martin was born in 1830 in Poznan (City), Poznan, Poland. His wife was Josepha Josie Kocemba, born in 1836 also in Poznan. Martin and Josie married in Smogulec, Poland. On April 9, 1867. They began their new lives in America as they arrived in New York City aboard the 'City of Antwerp'. Traveling with them were two infant sons, one of which was Mathew (Matt) Hajman. We assume the other one must have died young; his name remains unknown at this time.

The Hajman's quickly found their way to the Republic of Texas and settled in the Polish community of New Waverly, Walker County, Texas. There they went on to have eight more children between 1869 and 1883. Those children were: Andreas Andrew Hyman, Joseph Joe Hyman, Mary A Hyman, John Hyman, Anthony Hyman, Veronica Verna Hyman, Josepha Hyman, and Catherin Kate Hyman. Most of them grew to be adults. Most of the children married other Polish immigrants near New Waverly and started their families. Many are laid to rest there or at the Shepherd Hill Cemetery, Montgomery County, Texas.

Martin lived a good long life and raised a fine family with good work ethics. He died at age 90, in 1920 in New Waverly, Walker County, Texas and is buried in Shepherd Hill Cemetery, Montgomery County, Texas. It is not known how long Josie lived.

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